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STATLine is a free, safe, and easy automated system that offers convenient account access by using a touch-tone telephone, your Sonoma Federal Credit Union account number and Personal Identification Number (PIN). 

STATLine Immediate Account Access: 707-527-STAT (7828)

Use STATLine to:

  • Confirm deposits, loan payments, withdrawals, and account balance(s)
  • Verify the checks that have cleared your account
  • Transfer funds within your Sonoma Federal Credit Union accounts.
  • And more…

To get started you will need…

  • A touch tone telephone
  • Your members account number
  • A Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • STATLine Instructions

Call us at 707-527-6216, email:  or stop by to sign-up for STATLine!

There are three simple rules to follow when using STATLine

  • Each entry MUST END by pressing the pound # key on your touch-tone telephone.  For example: to enter account number 123, press 123#
  • Dollar amounts MUST INCLUDE cents, but no decimals.  For example: to enter $100.00, press 10000#
  • Press 9 to repeat a menu

Then simply follow the menu prompts.

  STATLine Instructions
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Lost/Stolen VISA Debit Card:
Business Hours: (707) 527-6216
Non-Business Hours: USA: 1-888-241-2510
  Collect: 1-909-941-1398
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