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Direct Deposit


Simplify your banking with Sonoma Federal Credit Union Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction.

Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit enables your employer to automatically deposit a portion of or your entire paycheck into a Sonoma Federal Credit Union account. On payday you will receive a pay stub indicating the check amount, money withheld, and your deposit. Direct deposit funds typically show up in your account before you would have received the check from your employer.

To sign up:
Complete the Direct Deposit form used by your employer. You will need to write our "Routing" or "ABA" number (#3211-77560), your Sonoma Federal Credit Union account number and designate checking or savings on the form.  Call the credit union if you cannot remember your Sonoma Federal Credit Union account number.

Sonoma Federal Credit Union accepts Direct Deposit transactions from any employer!
For direct deposit of recurring government checks: To establish Direct Deposit for Social Security retirement or disability checks, call Social Security at (800) 772-1213, access the Social Security Direct Deposit instructions and form through the internet at or visit a local SSA office in person.

At your request, they will set up direct deposit of your Social Security check(s) into your Sonoma Federal Credit Union account(s).

Payroll Deduction
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital employees are eligible to sign-up for our automatic payroll deduction. The program allows these members to allocate designated portions of their paychecks to Sonoma Federal Credit Union savings accounts, make IRA contributions, and loan payments. Payroll deduction is great for savings accumulation because your funds grow automatically.  If you are not a Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital employee, you can still have a portion of your pay check deposited at Sonoma Federal Credit Union through the Direct Deposit program above.

To sign up:
Contact Sonoma Federal Credit Union for our Payroll Deduction forms. After you have completed and signed the forms we forward them to the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital’s payroll department.
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